Meet Our Team

Fred Schleipman, engineer, machinist and inventor, lives and works high on a hill in Vermont. At eighty-five, he splits and stacks his own wood. His towering woodpiles will outlast the pyramids but they don't hold a candle to the creations that are born in his shops. Templates for the guidance of brain surgery probes. Turbines which are veritable titanium roses, accurate to tenths of a thousandth of an inch. Bearings that float on liquid helium spinning at one million rpm. Tungsten delivery systems for radiation dosage control. A dilating prosthetic eye. And the Porter Garden Telescope.




Russ Schleipman, a graduate of Exeter and Dartmouth, lives in Boston. A freelance advertising photographer since 1980, he travels widely, and markets his own work. He jumped at the opportunity to share his marketing and communication skills with this venture, and to collaborate with his father. He has a discerning eye for design and fine art, so reintroducing the world to the Porter Telescope and the newly created birdbath sundial is a labor of love.




DaveDave Nugent, a pattern maker of extraordinary talents, learned to draw, sculpt and paint from his mother, whom he describes as "an exceptional artist". He studied metallurgical engineering at The Colorado School of Mines, and has worked in foundries as both an engineer and quality manager. His work for numerous foundries has evolved from industrial to decorative architectural design and fine art. He has been decorated for his patterning of custom door hardware and his clients include nine state capitols, many US government buildings, Bon Jovi, Bill Gates, Dick Cavett and the Japanese Diet Building.



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